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Building a roof terrace: planning and design

If you want to build a roof terrace, you have to meet certain conditions to get a permit. We clarify and give design tips. Summer is already over, but the roof terrace project requires good planning. Therefore it is worth thinking about the next summer already.
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Bedding plants

Kaki fruits: these are the 5 most delicious varieties

They look like tomatoes and grow on trees: we're talking about persimmons. We would like to introduce you to the five most delicious varieties. As with so many types of fruit, persimmon trees also have many different types. If you live in a region with a mild climate, you can even harvest fruit from your own tree.
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Planting tap candle - Instructions and tips

So that the steppe candle later fits harmoniously into the overall picture of your garden, a few things must be taken into account when planting. The steppe candle (Eremurus) with its flower clusters, reminiscent of candles, causes admiration in the bed. In the summer garden, the flowering perennial can be combined with other sun-hungry plants in a pretty arrangement.
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